Protect your cat from heartworm, fleas, and other common parasites.

SelavectineTM is a monthly topical parasiticide that provides cats with advanced protection from common parasites. SelavectineTM has the same active ingredient and same protection as the pioneer drug. The difference is in the cost savings. SelavectineTM is an outstanding value that can be used year-round on cats and kittens as young as 6 weeks of age.

Cat protected
Protected Cat

Common parasites and why your cat needs protection:

Treatment & Control
Flea in animal hair

Fleas can enter your home on pets themselves, on your clothing or shoes, and/or through open windows and doors. Roughly 1 out of every 9 cats has fleas.1
Fleas can host tapeworms and as a result, give them to your pet too. This means that protecting your pet from fleas is also helping reduce their risk of exposure to tapeworms.2
If bitten by a flea, your pet can suffer from extreme itching and allergies. Scratching at these bites can cause hair loss and irritated skin.2

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Treatment & Control
Ear Mites

Ear mites can cause:1

  • Red, itchy, painful ears
  • Dark brown ear discharge
  • Ear inflammation that could cause rashes or other skin reactions
  • Ear damage due to excessive scratching

1Otodectic Mite. Companion Animal Parasite Council. Available at: Accessed January 2022.

Treatment & Control

Roundworms can enter your home and pet through contaminated soil, dirt from your shoes, or infected prey in your home such as bugs and rodents.1,2
Severe roundworm infections can cause vomiting, weight loss, hair changes and a potbellied appearance.1,2

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Treatment & Control

Pets infected with hookworms can suffer from anemia, weight loss, and diarrhea.1
Extreme hookworm infections can be fatal, particularly in kittens/puppies.1

1Cat Owners — Hookworms. Companion Animal Parasite Council. Available at: Accessed September 2018.


Cats are at risk of heartworm anywhere dogs are, yet only 5% of cats are on year-round heartworm prevention.1
Severe cases of heartworm disease can be fatal.2,3
It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to give your pet heartworms.3
Even when not fatal, heartworm infections can still cause permanent lung damage called heartworm-associated respiratory disease (HARD).3,4
Although it can be difficult to diagnose, heartworm disease is easy to prevent.

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How to apply:

Open Selavectine Cap Icon

Remove the cap to administer the product.

Apply Selavectine Icon

Administer the product directly to the skin without massaging into the site.

Part the hair on the back of the animal in front of the shoulder blades until the skin is visible.

Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube to empty its entire contents directly onto the skin in one spot.

Avoid contact between the product and fingers.

Avoid wet hair icon

Do not apply when the hair coat is wet.

Bathing or shampooing the animal 2 or more hours after treatment will not reduce the efficacy of SelavectineTM.

Discard the used tubes in the household trash.

If I have an indoor pet, do I still need parasite protection?

YES! Parasites are not solely found outdoors. Pets can come into contact with these pests inside your home too if they’ve traveled in by way of other pets, on your clothing or shoes, or through open windows or doors.

Where can I get SelavectineTM?

Please contact your veterinarian to discuss SelavectineTM for your pet and request the product by name.

Find the right product for your cat:

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: See Product Insert. SelavectineTM may be safely administered to heartworm infected dogs and cats, however, it is recommended, in accordance with good veterinary practice, that all dogs ≥ 6 months of age be tested for existing heartworm infections before beginning medication with SelavectineTM. Cats ≥ 6 months of age in heartworm endemic areas may also be tested to determine the presence of existing heartworm infections before beginning medication with SelavectineTM. SelavectineTM is not effective against adult D. immitis; however it may decrease the number of circulating microfilariae. SelavectineTM should be used in animals of six or more weeks of age.

Ask your vet about SelavectineTM